Ausbright cleaning services covers all areas of Melbourne CBD, Surrounding suburbs also the regional Victoria. We currently operate all throughout Victoria and run a wide spectrum of industries.

Hospitals and Age Care centres (Nursing Homes)
We manage small to medium size hospitals and all types of nursing home facilities from daily maintenance cleaning and sanitising to periodic intense cleaning. Ausbright Cleaning Services uses industry standard equipment and chemicals and cleaning appliances to maintain a high level of standard.
Schools and Child Care
we manage a range of schools and child care facilities spread all over Melbourne inner and outer suburbs. We consider hygiene and tidiness a high priority in these sites and use special cleaning appliances and products for schools. All our staff who works on schools and child care facilities are certified to work with children.
Supermarket and Shopping Centres
we maintain all the major supermarket facilities (franchise sites) and supermarkets. From Daily 7 AM to 6 PM spot cleaning to after hour details cleaning are facilitated through Ausbright Cleaning Services. Preparing the site for next day business is crucial and we not only provide great service but also are equipped with great skills to handle state of the art equipment.
Banks and Corporate offices
we have a special team who is specialised in cleaning banks and other corporate sites. The special team has undergone training and has a natural talent for detail. We perform daily flor and surface cleaning and sanitising to periodic equipment sanitising to window cleaning in all types and shapes of buildings (single story buildings to high rises). certifications and licences are provided upon contract and